Junushoff Sirenesale: with a discount to MARKED

You are welcome to visit theater spectacle GETEKEND in Theater Junushoff in Wageningen. Buy your tickets for half the price for 24 hours. Only 100 tickets are available for this promotion!

On 6, 7, 8 and 9 May, actors from theater, film and TV will be playing GETEKEND, together with WUR students and staff. They bring to life an eventful and, for many, hidden history of the Wageningen region and Wageningen University & Research during the Second World War. The special story will take you into the life of a group of Wageningen students who are faced with the most important decision of their lives: sign or refuse the declaration of loyalty of the occupier?

Ticketsales during Sirenesale

From the moment the siren sounds at 12 o'clock on Monday 7 May, you can buy tickets for MARKED with 50% discount for 24 hours. Regular tickets then cost € 10, - and students and CJP pass holders pay € 5, - per card (normal price, respectively € 20, - and € 10, -). This promotion applies as long as stocks last.

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Students – Lives During World War II

Tuesday April 17th
Location:Hotel de Wereld, Capitulatie Zaal (5 Mei Plein, Wageningen)

What was it like to be a student in Wageningen during World War II when the German forces invaded the Netherlands? University students everywhere were forced to sign a declaration of loyalty to the German occupiers. What dilemmas surrounded the decision to (not) sign this declaration and what were the consequences afterwards? Bob Kernkamp (Wageningen City Archive) has sifted through the archives of CERES, Unitas, and KSV. He sketches how the war impacted Wageningen and its inhabitants. What role did student organisations play in the context of occupation? Philippe Puylaert (WUR) shares excerpts from the letters his grandfather, Wageningen student Etienne Puylaert, sent to his family whilst forced to work in Germany. With unique photos, Ben Puylaert traces life in forced labour camps. Hear diary entries from Wageningen student Fons Crijns, written during the time he spent labouring in various camps. Don't miss this opportunity to look at gripping history in a monumental setting.
This event is part of the Extended Program of MARKED which are organized by Studium Generale.
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How heroic and altruistic were students during World War II?

Studium Generale and Wageningen45 Present:
Students and Heroism during WWII
Jeroen Kemperman (NIOD – The Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies)
Interviewed by Reinier Noordzy (Getekend/Marked - Playwright)
March 22nd – Thursday
Start: 20:00
Location: Impulse (Stippeneng 2, WUR building 115)
What role did students play in the underground resistance during World War II? What ethical and practical considerations motivated them to (not) sign the loyalty declaration to the occupying German forces?
In his book, Oorlog in de collegebanken ("War in the lecture halls"), historian Jeroen Kemperman sifts through the myths, and realities underpinning widespread assumptions of students' heroism and altruism during the war.
Reinier Noordzy interviews Jeroen Kemperman about his research, the impact it might have on collective memory and its relevance in understanding the complexity of choices in life, then and now.
This event is part of the Extended Program of MARKED which are organized by Studium Generale.
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The Cast is Complete!

More than 50 individuals auditioned for rol in the play MARKED. After two full days of auditions we brought a talented cast together of students and employees of Wageningen University, they will perform alongside with four professional actors on May 6th,7th,8th and 9th in Theater Junushoff. Directed by Albert van Andel, from this moment the cast will rehearse every Tuesday evening to make the script come alive.

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In this multimedia theater spectacle, three friends who are studying at the Wageningen University during the war in 1943 are faced with the most important question of their lives: do they sign the declaration of loyalty to the occupier?

With the help of Onno Sinke’s impressive book about loyalty during suppression the tense history of the Wageningen University during the years of war is brought to life in an immersive theater show. Will the three students manage to stay loyal to their ideals and to each other in the violence of moral dilemma?

Are you letting go of the chance to make this unique piece happen or are you signing? Sign up now and you might be playing side by side with professional actors, as one of the German soldiers in a razzia, the resistance fighter in his last hours before his first attack or dance during the student gala.

We are looking for students AND staff of Wageningen University & Research who want to act or play an extra. The show will be in Dutch but also will be subtitled, so international students are very welcome! Do you have experience with ball room dancing and/or fencing, let us know! The auditions will be held in January 2018. Are you interested in auditioning? Sign up before the 12th of December 2017 by sending an email to getekendwageningen[at] .


After the auditions in January 2018, the artistic team will choose cast members out of all the candidates that have auditioned (Note: Spoken Dutch is necessary for roles with texts). Rehearsals start either in the last week of January or in the first week of February 2018. We’ll rehearse one evening each week from 7pm–10pm on or near the Wageningen Campus. We’ll determine the exact dates and times in consultation with each other and taking your agenda into consideration where possible. Next to the regular evening-rehearsals, we will also rehearse during two – yet to be chosen – weekends in April 2018, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am–5pm. During these weekends the professional actors will join us. A week before opening night, during the first week of May, we will pick two evenings to rehearse the production in its entirety. On May 3rd and 4th, we will hold final rehearsals in the actual theatre (during day time). On May 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th we hit the stage with this production. We’re looking for enthusiastic students and staff of Wageningen University who are prepared to take responsibility for their commitment to this unique production in a very special commemorative year.


In April 2018, four separate two-hour dancing lessons will be organized on or around the Wageningen Campus. Dancers will rehearse the choreography featured in this production. These four lessons will likely be held in the evenings. If you are chosen to be a dancer and/or extra in this production, know that you will join the cast during a single entire day rehearsal during a weekend in April 2018 (it will be on a Saturday or Sunday from 10am-5pm). All extras and dancers must be present on May 3th and 4th 2018 for the final rehearsals. The performances are on May 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th 2018 during the evenings in the Junushoff in Wageningen.

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