About us

Wageningen has a rich history with the Second World War, the university also played a part during this time. Nowadays, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) has existed for 100 years, therefore a historic theater play will be performed in collaboration with Studium Generale, for students and by students. Professional theater makers will work together with students and staff from Wageningen University and Research to make a spectacular theater play about students from Wageningen during the Second World War.

Marked is inspired by the book "Loyalty Under Pressure" by historian Onno Sinke, which tells the story of students in Delft during the Second World War. In 2015, writer Reinier Noordzy and director Albert van Andel have translated this book onto the stage of the Technical University of Delft.

Now the duo is back again to tell the story of students during wartimes, but this time the play will be based on events that occurred in Wageningen during the Second World War.

Four professional actors will be playing side by side with nine students and two employees of Wageningen University and Research.